Rocker Noel Gallagher is "offended" there was no re-election following the formation of Britain's coalition last year (10), branding the new government "nonsense".
Prime Minister David Cameron's Conservative Party won the most seats in the general election, but not an overall majority, and the party reached an agreement to form a coalition with the Liberal Democrats.
Gallagher admits he was forced to vote by his wife Sara MacDonald, but he was far from happy with the result.
He tells Bbc's Newsnight programme, "It's the first time I've just picked the most ludicrous thing on the (voting) list. Some guy dressed as a pirate - there's nothing cooler than a pirate.
"When the election came around I don't recall it being a coalition government on the bill when you went to vote. I'm a bit offended by it, to be honest.
"If they were going to form a coalition government they should have had a re-election. Nobody voted for this Conservative/Liberal Democrat nonsense."