British rocker Noel Gallagher has vowed never to let his collaborative album with psychedelic collective Amorphous Androgynous "see the light of day" because he can't be bothered to re-mix the whole record.

The former Oasis star initially announced the project in 2012, but he subsequently revealed he was "not happy" with any of the mixes the experimental rockers had turned in and warned fans the music may not get the release they had planned.

At the time, Gallagher admitted he was just too exhausted to work on the album after the success of his debut solo record and tour, and now he claims the original tracks will remain buried for good.

He tells NME magazine, "Initially, when they delivered it, they managed to pull off the trick of recording the quietest Cd of all time.

"When I got it, I couldn't hear it and was like, 'Is it broke (sic)?' But for all the great ideas on it... I was in the middle of a tour, that last album had blown up, the mixes weren't right. And by the time I got back off tour I was just like, 'I'm not f**king putting out another record, I can't be arsed'. I was frazzled and had glandular fever. I was f**ked."

However, that doesn't mean Gallagher won't be using aspects of the experimental songs for his own new material after revealing his track The Right Stuff, from his upcoming album Chasing Yesterday, began life as an Amorphous Androgynous collaboration.

He says, "The (song) in this record is vastly different from the first one, which had a lot of noodling and f**king about. It's become quite psychedelic, jazz, f**king whatever you wanna call it."