Noel Gallagher says performing with Damon Albarn was like ''John Lennon playing with Eric Clapton''.

The former Britpop rivals performed Blur's hit 'Tender', along with Damon's bandmate Graham Coxon and Paul Weller at their Teenage Cancer Trust show in London last Saturday (23.03.13).

While the ex-Oasis rocker knows the collaboration won't change the world, he thinks it is something the audience at the Royal Albert Hall will remember forever.

He said: ''I think it's great for music fans. It's like when you hear about John Lennon playing with Eric Clapton or...Well, I don't know what the equivalent is. It won't change anybody's life but people could say they were there.''

Noel also admitted he chose the Blur track to collaborate on with the trio because it was such a ''piece of p**s'' to learn to play.

He told NME magazine: ''I suggested that we do 'Tender' for various reasons. It's a f***ing great song. It's a piece of p**s to play on guitar. It's got four chords in it. And more importantly the crowd loves it.''

Though he curated this year's gigs - which also included shows from Primal Scream and Kasabian - Noel confirmed he won't be in charge next year, as the role will revert back to The Who frontman Roger Daltrey.