Liam and Noel Gallagher's mother wants them to stop their legal battle.

The former Oasis stars are set to go head-to-head in court after Liam filed a lawsuit against Noel claiming libel, which he has responded to by counter-suing.

Their mum Peggy Gallagher, 64, who lives in Burnage, Manchester - where the brothers grew up - is dismayed by what is happening and wants her sons to end their feud.

She told the Daily Star newspaper: "I've found it very upsetting. I want them to sort it out."

A source added: "The brothers know she is upset by the whole episode. But they obviously feel the need to defend themselves in court now."

Liam, 39, initially sued Noel, 44, over claims had missed Oasis' V Festival concert in August 2009 because he had a hangover.

Liam insisted he had been diagnosed with laryngitis which forced him to miss the group's second headlining night, a fact Noel later acknowledged in a radio interview, which was believed to have brought an end to the row.

However, on November 1 Noel lodged a defence with the Queen's Bench Division in London which included a string of counter claims against his sibling, which are now expected to see them meet in court next summer.

In his counter claims, Noel says his "hangover" statement arose out of exasperation at Liam's "generally irresponsible and unreasonable behaviour" over the years the band existed.

The papers state: "The claimant had a history over the years of not only throat problems and of pursuing such an incompatible lifestyle, but of treating Oasis fans and the defendant with disrespect by disrupting gigs, including walking off stage, assaulting them and generally acting irresponsibly."

He also states how "the last straw" for the band came at a show in Paris August 2009 when Liam "completely lost control" moments before going on stage.

The papers claim Liam allegedly began "swinging a guitar around like an axe, nearly smashing the defendant in the face with it" and it was this behaviour that led to Noel quitting Oasis.