OASIS star Noel Gallagher considered trading his music career for one working behind a bar when he quit the band in 1994.

The temperamental Live Forever guitarist stormed out of the British group's American tour, when they had only just first scored success with their debut album DEFINITELY MAYBE, following a blazing row with brother LIAM.

And Noel recalls panicking music bosses when he expressed no desire to return to his band - and instead threatened to open a bar in Mexico.

He says, "I was gonna go on the run - open a bar in Mexico.

"(A record company executive) expected to find me curled up on the floor going, 'My band, my band. I've f**ked it up.' Instead, I was there with a bottle of JACK DANIELS, saying, 'D'ya fancy going to Vegas?'"

The pair ended up travelling to the Nevada gambling hotspot, but after a 30 minute conversation, Noel changed his mind and finished the tour.

06/09/2004 09:02