Noel Gallagher refuses to share brother LIAM's devotion to all things John Lennon, insisting the Oasis frontman's romantic notions about the late Beatles star are ridiculous.
Liam Gallagher claims he has been touched by Lennon's spirit and insists working at the Fab Four's Abbey Road studio home in London is a magical experience - two things his older brother fails to understand.
Noel tells Spin magazine, "He told me he thought a cold chill had touched him in (Lennon's widow) Yoko's apartment. I put it to him it was the f**king air-conditioning. Yoko's getting on a bit now; she probably has it set on minus 16.
"Liam is very romantic about all that. I'm more skeptical. He thinks recording in Abbey Road is special because of the Beatles. I think it's a studio with s**t gear in it. We had to bring all our own, for f**k's sake."
But the older Gallagher admits he's not completely surprised by his brother's Lennon devotion - he once bought a rug that used to be in John Lennon's house in Weybridge, England: "I've got no idea where it is now."