Noel Gallagher regrets making Oasis' 1997 album BE HERE NOW so long - because he doesn't have the attention span to listen to the record.
The rocker was asked to shorten the album, which is comprised of 12 songs and is more than 70 minutes long, but refused - and now he wishes he had obeyed record bosses' orders.
Gallagher tells, "I can't listen to any of that album, it's too long. I wish I'd have exercised a bit more quality control on that and edited the songs down."
But Gallagher, who quit the band last summer (09) after falling out with his frontman brother Liam, admits making the album was the most enjoyable experience during his time in the group.
He adds, "It was a f**king great time to be alive in that band. I'll tell you what man, it was the best time ever. Ever!"