Oasis rocker Noel Gallagher will not be wearing any of brother LIAM's new clothing creations - as he doesn't share his sibling's taste in fashion.
Lead singer Liam launched his Pretty Green label - which includes trousers, hats, cagoules and t-shirts - online last month, and Noel says that his brother will be focusing even more on the fashion line when the band's gruelling tour finishes at the end of August (09).
The brothers' rocky relationship has been highly publicised, with Noel often publicly poking fun at Liam and nicknaming him Romeo - but when asked if his brother's clothing was nice, he quickly replies, "Shall we move on."
Although restraining from being too critical, Noel makes it clear that unlike Liam, he will not be seen in anything from the line.
He says, "He wears it all the time. He wears it all, down to the socks. He's all kitted out."
Noel adds that he has very little interest in fashion, and describes his own style as 'wealthy idiot'. He says, "It's a function, I dress because nudity is outlawed on the street."