OASIS star Noel Gallagher advises Pete Doherty to concentrate on making music - to avoid being known only as Kate Moss' boyfriend.

The WONDERWALL guitarist believes troubled rocker Doherty needs to rethink his direction in life if he wants to become the music icon he already considers himself to be.

He says, "I think two years ago, if you thought Pete Doherty, he was kind of untouchable.

"Now when you think of Pete Doherty you think of that guy who's always in the background if that picture with Kate Moss.

"And if he wants to go out like that, then each to their own, and I'm sure he's having a great time but, y'know, are you gonna be remembered as Kate Moss's boyfriend or a f**king artist?

"In six months, if he's not put a record out, it's gonna smack of the emperor's new clothes, all of it.

"My opinion of him hasn't changed. His heart's in the right place but the people he's around are not that good for him."