OASIS star Noel Gallagher has defended indie sensations Arctic Monkeys from rocker Morrissey's criticism, because the band's speedy success reminds him of his own. Former The Smiths frontman Morrissey hit out at the rock newcomers last week (begs13MAR06), insisting the band hasn't earned its success. But Gallagher maintains rocketing to stardom is no bad thing, and advises the I BET YOU LOOK GOOD ON THE DANCEFLOOR hitmakers to grab their fame and fortune with both hands. He says, "It happens when it happens, man, and I would say thank God that it does happen. You'd be a bit of an idiot if you said, 'No, I'm too young for a record deal.' "We used to sit and read things about us and think, 'Are they talking about the same band?' "Cause we've sold a few records but we've not sold that many records, and we're not that popular. "But I would embrace success when it happens. Any level of it. Just f**king get on with it. "You've only got to listen to (their) tunes. They're unique to themselves. And they've got their own thing and I think it's great. "These kids seem to be pretty much like us. They kind of look like we do. "You've just got to f**king get out there man and ride it out."