Soccer mad superstar Noel Gallagher is hoping to buy up the old turf from favourite team MANCHESTER CITY's old ground - to make a miniature version of the stadium in his back garden.

The OASIS star has been a huge fan of the team since he was a youngster and wants to preserve the memory of vacated ground MAINE ROAD - from which the club moved after an 80 year residency in early 2003.

And reports suggest that money is no object to the LIVE FOREVER star, who is willing to purchase other souvenirs including turnstiles and seats from the club.

A pal says, "It's heartbreaking for Noel. Some of his happiest memories are from Maine Road. He heard some of the ground was being sold off and jumped at the chance of buying it.

"They are selling the whole pitch. Noel wants enough for a seven-a-side replica so he'll need maybe half of it.

"He can't wait to hold games there with his mates. You could say Maine Road is going to be Noel's new home ground."

01/07/2003 02:32