In his new blog, Noel Gallagher reveals that he had underwear thrown at him when he was performing in Paraguay. The bra had a sequined Paraguayan flag on one side and a sequined Union Jack on the other, greatly amusing the former Oasis band member.

The blog on the UK Huffington post website also describes the hectic journey he experienced when being driven from his hotel to the gig. "We set off in a convoy of sorts. 3 vans, security guards armed to the teeth in unmarked cars, police in off road vehicles sirens wailing and some on motorbikes", Noel wrote. "Closely followed by crazy fans in a separate convoy of private cars and taxis; It quickly turned into some kind of stunt driving chase scene from a James Bond movie."

The musician goes on to describe how his fans jumped out of their cars and began waving memorabilia and banging on the roof whenever they ran into traffic. He also lists off various unusual observations including a cow and a group of chickens in the middle of the road, office furniture on the side of the road as well as a randomly placed fully functioning gym.

After having the bra thrown at him, Noel writes the amusingly erudite sentence: "And in that wonderful moment our two great nations had never been closer."