Noel Gallagher's 'She Taught Me How To Fly' was inspired by a conversation about Blondie.

The former Oasis star was discussing Debbie Harry's group with the studio wizard behind his third solo record 'Who Built The Moon?, David Holmes, and as the song came together it started sounding like the iconic new wave band.

The 50-year-old guitarist says Holmes was good at making sure he didn't wander off making tracks that sounded like his former band Oasis, and encouraged him to do something completely different.

On how they ended up with the psychedelic ''cosmic pop'' record, Noel recalled to the Irish Independent newspaper: ''It was a case of him pointing me in a different direction virtually every day. I would be working on a track and bits of it would be good, and he would say, 'When you get to that bit, stop that and let's move on to the next track.'

''You'd think he doesn't like where it's going and then you come back to it and your outlook on it would be different.

'' He would do a bit of work on it when you weren't there and you would come back and think, 'God. This is cool. It sounds like Blondie now. I'm going to have to rethink this.'

'''She Taught Me How To Fly' came out of a conversation about Blondie.''

Meanwhile, the 'One Way or Another' group's drummer Clem Burke previously revealed they once approached Noel to work on a track together.

The 'Some Might Say' songwriter asked if he could trade them for 'Hanging on the Telephone', but Blondie didn't write the original, which was released by The Nerves in 1976.

Clem said previously: ''That one's a shocker for a lot of people.

''I approached Noel Gallagher for a song a couple of years back and the first thing he said was, 'I'll trade you for 'Hanging on the Telephone'' and I said, 'Guess what? We didn't write that one.'''

'Who Built The Moon?', which also features the Kanye West-inspired opening track 'Fort Knox', is released on Friday (24.11.17).