Noel Gallagher's daughter Anais Gallagher has completed her first A-Level.

The 18-year-old model only passed three of her GCSEs in 2016 but was able to stay in education and took the first of five higher qualifications on Tuesday (15.05.18).

She posted on Twitter: ''1 down 5 to go #ALevels2018 [sic]''

Before the test, Anais admitted she wished she was just doing a GCSE as she was so nervous.

He wrote: ''How I wish I was just rolling into something like my math GCSE this morning. But no, first #ALevel here we come. [sic]''

And when one of her followers tweeted saying GCSEs are ''harder'' than A-Levels, Anais replied: ''Mate not even close. [sic]''

Anais didn't get the grades she was predicted to achieve when she sat her exams at secondary school two years ago, and at the time she reassured those getting their results across the UK not to ''worry'' if things don't according to plan.

Taking to her Twitter account at the time, the fashionista - who studied at exclusive boarding school Bedales in Hampshire until she was 14 before moving to a day school in Hampstead, London, near Primrose Hill - said: ''#GCSEResultsDay2017 good luck to everyone getting there results today ... but don't worry if it doesn't go to plan ... I only got two (sic)''

However, Anais - whose mother is Meg Matthews - quickly remembered that she'd actually left school with three GCSEs - one of them being an A in art.

She added in a separate tweet: ''Just reminded myself I got three ... thank god for the A in art huh (sic).''

Meanwhile, Anais has credited her modelling career to her former Oasis guitarist father Noel.

She said recently: ''I think it's tough for me because in no way am I here by my own right. I'm here with this platform because of my parents ... People say, 'You only did that because of your dad'. That's 100 per cent true, but I've only sustained where I am because I'm me. I'm a hard worker and I have my own mind.''