The son of late British royal PRINCESS MARGARET is under fire for planning to auction off his mother's prized wedding gifts next month (JUN06). VISCOUNT LINLEY is keen to raise at least $140,000 (GBP76,000) from the sale, which includes presents from luminaries including ballet star DAME MARGOT FONTEYN and actor Noel Coward, as he insists he needs to pay death duties on his mother's estate. The offerings, given to the Princess and her bridegroom LORD SNOWDON at their 1960 nuptials, are part of a sale featuring over 800 other items which once belonged to the couple, including furniture, art and jewellery. A source at London auction house Christie's says, "There is a feeling here that Linley putting his mother's wedding presents up for sale is simply not on. "It just seems disrespectful to the Princess's memory just four years after she died." Princess Margaret, the sister of British monarch Queen Elizabeth II, died in 2002 aged 71, after suffering a stroke.