The Slade frontman wants to improve the lives of hard-up families across the U.K. so he has promised to run as an independent candidate in the next ballot after the country's upcoming general election in May (15).

He even visited British Prime Minister David Cameron's official home in London's Downing Street on Wednesday (08Apr15), but his trip hit a snag when he was held up by gun-toting cops who had no idea he was.

The Merry Xmas Everybody singer tells the BBC's The One Show, "I've been down Downing Street today to visit Number 10 and I've been asked if I'm going to stand in this election. I'm not actually going to stand in this election but the next bi-election, I'm going to stand in.

"When I turned up (at the security gates of Downing Street), because I hadn't got proof of identity with a photograph on, the police got the machine guns on me and held me up, so we had to Google my picture to prove who I was. And then all my luggage and everything had to go through a sensor. It was like being at an airport."

Britain goes to the polls on 7 May (15).