Departing ER star Noah Wyle is already working on his next project - a baby.

The actor, who filmed his last scenes for the medical drama yesterday (26APR05), announced the good news on American TV's The Tonight Show on Monday (25APR05).

He told host Jay Leno, "My wife and I have a development due out next fall... We don't know with any certainty (what it is). We have a beautiful two-year-old son, named Owen, and I wouldn't mind having a girl, I wouldn't mind two sons; I'm open either way.

"It's easier having a son, I think, (because) those late night GIRLS GONE WILD infomercials take on a completely different meaning if you're thinking about having a daughter."

And the actor admits he has discovered an odd way of preparing his young son for the new arrival.

He adds, "He's getting his head around the idea of being a big brother. We had to tell him that somebody rented his old apartment as a way of breaking the news.

"I said, 'You remember when you used to live in mommy's belly, well somebody else moved in to your old apartment.'"

27/04/2005 02:50