Noah Wyle returns in season two of Steven Spielberg's sci-fi drama 'Falling Skies' this week, and the American actor has been some divulging some interesting facts about his character that even hard-core fans of the show may not have been aware of.
The former E.R. man plays a former Boston University history professor who takes lead of a Militia Regiment after the world is devastated by an alien invasion. During an interview with the UK's Metro newspaper, Wyle explained how he was instructed by Spielberg on how to play the role, saying, "We had a phone conversation before we shot the pilot, when he said he used Tom Hanks's character in Saving Private Ryan as a prototype for what he wanted me to be: a guy who had been an academic and was being thrust into a military role. A guy who, given his choice, would probably have retired into the comfort of his home and family, and was reluctant to accept the mantle of leadership and responsibility". Aside from 'Falling Skies', Wyle hit the headlines earlier this year after being arrested in Washington for protesting against healthcare cuts (the same cause that George Clooney found himself in trouble with the law over). Of his time in the cells, the actor said, "Yes, it was a fight worth fighting. It is a very unsexy fight, battling Medicaid cuts, and one that gets little attention, even though it affects everyone, especially if we plan on getting old or disabled at any point".
The second series of 'Falling Skies' begins on Tuesday evening (July 2, 2012) on the FX Channel.