Noah Cyrus once stole Justin Bieber's clothes.

The 17-year-old singer has always been a huge fan of the 'Sorry' hitmaker so resist taking away his garments from backstage at an awards show, where he had been performing with her famous older sister, Miley Cyrus.

She recalled ''I said, 'Mom, I just want his clothes'. So she ran in there and stole them.''

While Noah's mother, Tish Cyrus, was supportive of her bid to steal from the Canadian pop idol, she wasn't so keen for the 'Make Me (Cry)' singer to rush into launching her career.

Noah said: ''I remember my mom asking me to wait until I was 18 to put my music out. I got close, but I was ready to start my life.''

But Noah admitted she wasn't previously in a hurry to move away from her ''normal'' childhood and focused her attentions on horse riding, rather than singing.

She told Q magazine: ''I knew I wanted to be a kid and live a normal life as a child.''

Coming from a famous family, including her dad Billy Ray Cyrus, the teenage starlet has quickly learned to pay no attention to gossip.

She explained: ''Our rule is to not read about ourselves - we just don't do it.''

Noah previously admitted she is her dad's biggest fan.

She said: ''I'm Nineties Billy Ray Cyrus's biggest fan. I have T-shirts, posters, anything you can imagine. I am obsessed. I listen to his music all the time.

''Him and his friend wrote a song together and it's beautiful. I took it to the producer Dan Wilson, and I was like, 'Let's turn this country record into a pop ballad.' So most likely that will be on the album.''