Noah Cyrus favours comfort over style.

The 18-year-old singer doesn't feel confident if she isn't happy with what she's wearing or she's worried what she looks like, so she prefers to opt for ''street-inspired'' garments.

She said: ''I like baggy clothes, or like an oversized hoodie with over-the-knee boots. Anything like that. I think it's a little more of like a street-inspired style for me.

''For stage, I take it a little bit up a level. That's when I am most comfortable and for me it's all about being comfortable with yourself. I think for anybody, not even when you're on stage, it's good to dress in the way that you're comfortable, it definitely boosts your confidence.

''If you're worried about what you look like the whole time, you're not going to be able to be confident.''

Noah thinks it's ''amazing'' she's considered a role model for other teenagers and she hopes she can help them feel more confident.

She told Miss Vogue: ''It's amazing [to be considered a role model].

''There are so many young women in their early teens struggling with confidence, and at that time, I had a hard time with the way I looked and the way I felt about my body.

''So, for me, I want to help them with that, and I want to help them with body confidence. I want to help other women grow as a person because that's what I am doing too.

''I kind of had to grow up a little faster and I feel like I can use that for good and help people a little earlier on with confidence.''