British rockers Noah and the Whale have swapped the stage for the screen by shooting a short science-fiction movie.

Frontman Charlie Fink has directed the as-yet-untitled film, about teens living in a dystopian society, and recruited his bandmates for cameos, while X-Men: First Class star Bill Milner leads the cast.

Fink also recruited Noah and the Whale fans to be extras, but admits he was nervous they would walk out after long days shooting on location in London in the middle of winter.

He tells Britain's NME magazine, "I was worried because filming is a tough gig. They were huddling around a radiator in a freezing warehouse, and when I went up to them to say thanks I thought they'd say, 'You a**ehole.'

"I wanted to make a sci-fi coming-of-age movie. I'm wary that sounds silly, but it's not. It's got real characters. At its base, it's a story about a band's last gig. But it's slightly complicated because it's in this heightened reality world where teenagers are separated from society until they're considered mature enough to re-enter."

The 5 Years Time hitmakers hope to enter the project into short film festival competitions once it is completed.