No Doubt beauty Gwen Stefani has slammed her record company for forcing her to collaborate with Linda Perry.

The DON'T SPEAK singer cried herself to sleep after music giant INTERSCOPE ordered her to duet with Perry on the track WHAT YOU WAITING FOR?, straight after Stefani's demanding ROCK STEADY tour last year (03).

But the 35-year-old regrets giving in, because Perry didn't understand her musical style and had no time for her input.

She complains, "Linda Perry was not even on my list of people to work with. I've known her for years because we were the first two girls to sign up to Interscope, but I never wanted to work with her.

"She came up to me at the GRAMMYS and said, 'We're going to do something together.' I was thinking, 'Oh great. You don't understand the record I want to make.'

"The record company was putting pressure on me to work with her straight off my Rock Steady tour. I cried in my bed and then I agreed. She'd been up all night - maniac - and had this track What You Waiting For?, and I was like 'Hey, wait for me! It's my f**king record!'"

02/11/2004 17:31