The postcard poll that the Screen Actors Guild has undertaken among its members over the proposed deal with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Dealers contains barcodes that could reveal the identity of each member and how they voted, according to entertainment labor attorney Jonathan Handel. In a commentary posted on the Huffington Report, Handel wrote that if such is the case, "that's not a confidential vote, despite language on the postcard that claims this to be the case. And the lack of confidentiality will No Doubt leave some Guild members uneasy about voting - particularly in light of the highly partisan nature of the elections. Considering that Membership First controls the union, the dissenters - those who believe it's time to get a deal done - may be hesitant to cast votes. That's plain wrong No member should have to fear his or her own union. The integrity of voting -- even if only advisory voting -- should be maintained." SAG has not commented on the matter.