Jeremy Clarkson has been reprimanded by the BBC for making a number of inappropriate homosexual comments on Top Gear.

Although the BBC has said that "most viewers are familiar enough with the style and tone of the show not to take offence", it rules that comments made by the TV presenter in July should never have been aired.

Speaking on Top Gear, a hit with petrol head fans and general TV viewers alike, Clarkson agreed with an audience member that a car was "a bit gay" and then described it as "very ginger beer"  rhyming slang for "queer".

The Top Gear team have now been reminded about the importance of avoiding comments about sexual orientation.

Upholding four complaints from viewers, the BBC concluded: "As Jeremy Clarkson supplemented the term 'gay' with a phrase which is rhyming slang for 'queer', there was No Doubt that it was being used in the sense of 'homosexual', and was capable of giving offence."

18/12/2006 16:36:03