Christopher Kane's teacher had No Doubt he was going to become a successful designer.

The sartorialist has always had a flair for fashion and Jane Broughan - who used to teach Christopher at Catholic school Taylor High in Scotland - remembers him coming to her with a fully-illustrated essay about Versace when he was just 14.

She said: ''It had a wee Outfit he'd made on the cover, on its own hanger. He said he wanted to work there. I thought: 'This is one to watch.' I could tell he was going to be good at art and design right away. He was always one step ahead of me and never afraid to experiment.''

Christopher recently worked on the Olympics Closing Ceremony and he admitted it was ''challenging'' because he had to work with gold.

The designer was given the task of dressing supermodel Stella Tennant for the event to mark the end of London 2012 on Sunday (12.08.12) and he says using gold was something he wasn't used to.

He said: ''I've never worked with gold before, so it was challenging. I used chainmail in my fall/winter 2012-13 collection, but in a gunmetal silver, so I felt it would be great to create that suit in a really fluid drape using gold chainmail - which is really quite a crazy fabric to work with. It's metal, but we had to look into getting a light base - so it's all aluminium, which is so light and wearable. Because it was for the Closing Ceremony, I decided to contact Swarovski - who make such an incredible crystal mesh, which we then jigsawed and integrated together. It must have taken a week to complete - at least 80 hours. We had to unlink each metal ring and reattach it. It was a really timely process.''