The National League Playoff game between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Philadelphia Phillies struck out Monday night against all the major competition, which included Monday Night Football on ESPN. Although figures for the NFL telecast were not immediately available -- cable ratings are generally released after those for the broadcast networks -- they are almost certain to come out on top, given their recent performance. Since MNF also No Doubt captured most sports viewers, the fourth game of the MLB playoff series, which was won by the Phillies, averaged just 7.28 million viewers -- leaving Fox in last place among the major networks. The No. 1 program of the night on the broadcast networks was ABC's Dancing With The Stars , which averaged 17.66 million viewers, peaking in the 8 30 p.m. half hour with 18.35 million. CBS took over the top spot at 10 00 p.m., as the season premiere of CSI Miami drew 13 million -- but that figure was 21 percent below last year's number for the season premiere of the drama.