THE KLAXONS have topped NME's poll to find the best album of the year.

The 'new rave' band's debut album MYTHS OF THE NEAR FUTURE took the top spot over new releases from the ARTIC MONKEYS, Radiohead and Arcade Fire.

The album also won the Mercury Music Prize earlier this year.

THE KLAXONS' number one single GOLDEN SKANS was also named track of the year.

James Righton, the band's co-lead vocalist and keyboardist, said he was "absolutely ecstatic" about the result.

NME reviews editor, Julian Marshall, said that this year's list includes acts right through from the mainstream to more specialised groups and demonstrates how "rich the output of music in 2007 has been".

"Now we're gearing up for what 2008 has to offer," he continued.

Other artists who featured in the top ten tracks list were GLASVEGAS who had the second best song of the year with DADDY'S GONE and The Cribs whose single MEN'S NEEDS reached the number three spot.

Meanwhile, THE KLAXONS have revealed plans to work with producer TONY VISCONTI on their next album.

The band told the BBC that Visconti would join them in the studio in February to "do a couple of tracks".

"He's just a lovely man. He came along to a few of our New York shows and was interested, so we're gonna try him out," they continued.

Visconti is well known for his work with T-Rex and David Bowie.

The group have previously revealed to NME that they hope their second album will be more "extreme".

11/12/2007 16:26:26