Rapper M.I.A.'s time in the studio for her new album almost ended in tragedy when her producer fell off a cliff while trying to dive into the sea during a break in recording.

The Paper Planes star was working with French DJ Switch on her latest record, Matangi, when the beatmaker, who has come up with hits for Beyonce and Christina Aguilera, attempted a daredevil cliff dive.

However, the stunt went wrong when the producer stumbled over the ledge, leaving him with severe injuries.

She tells NME magazine, "He fell off a cliff and nearly died when he came into the studio. There was a 100ft cliff and (Switch) tried to do a dive into the sea but he slipped before he jumped and he fell. He was unconscious and all his ribs were broken and he had to go to hospital."

Switch eventually made a full recovery and returned to the studio to help the British musician come up with one of the album's singles.

She adds, "Then when he came out we made Come Walk With Me."