JANE'S ADDICTION played their first reunion show last night since reforming at the NME Awards USA in Los Angeles in April.

Their appearance at April's event had been the first time the original line-up of Perry Farrell, Dave Navarro, Eric Avery and Stephen Perkins had played together for 17 years and led to much speculation about a full reunion.

Avery wrote on his blog: "We never know what the future has in store for us; especially with this band,"

"But, at least right now Jane's Addiction has a future that one would have to call somewhat promising. We are a great band."

Earlier this year Farrell said he "would be open" to getting the band back together, but noted that it can be a volatile situation.

"Jane's Addiction is a very inflammable group - there's a lot of very strong personalities," he said.

The reunion gig took place at La Cita in downtown Los Angeles.

24/10/2008 10:49:39