British punk rockers The 4130S have kicked drummer Oliver Lown out of the group after he was convicted of bestiality.

The disgraced musician, who is a qualified vet, was found guilty of five charges earlier this week (begs28Jul14) after filming himself engaging in sexual activities with a horse and a dog.

Lown, who will not serve jail time for the crimes, was immediately dropped from quartet's line-up and now remaining The 4130s, who hail from Ipswich, England, have vowed to re-record their debut album and their latest release, One For The Road, with a new drummer to completely distance themselves from the controversy.

They will donate proceeds from copies sold to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Rspca) charity and in a statement posted on the band's page, the rockers add: "If any good from the recent ongoings can happen, we truly hope it's this."

A spokesperson for the Rspca reveals the organisation will gladly accept any funds from the band, telling, "As a charity that relies entirely on donations from the public we are always extremely grateful to hear people are fundraising to help improve the welfare of animals."