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Nizlopi Girls Single

The reason why the pre-Christmas success of the adventuring 'JCB Song', by the human beatbox of John Parker and Luke Conannon, who form Nizlopi, was so compelling is because you knew that they were a serious and searching outfit displaying their fun side. This point is well and truly substantiated in this spring strolling ode to beauty and emotion. Pitched beautifully between the searching sounds of Van Morrison and The Counting Crows, 'Girls' is a burning pop song to float away to.

Concannan's vocals take on a soulfully pleading touch to draw out the deftly spindling acoustic accompaniment in stand out B-side 'Yesterday'. The simplicity of companionship is extolled with virtue and sincerity. Nizlopi are continuing to build their repertoire with the power of…. well a JCB, seems an apt analogy.

David Adair

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