The back catalgoue of Nirvana, arguably grunge music's biggest-ever band, is set to be released on vinyl for the first time ever, it has been revealed.

The album re-releases are to be managed and manufactured by the Original Recordings Group (ORG), which specialises in remastering and promoting music for 12" release.

Nevermind, the band's second and most famous album, will be the first title to hit shelves followed by the live MTV recording of their "Unplugged" session in New York, which came shortly before lead singer Kurt Cobain's death in 1994.

Nirvana's debut album, Bleach, is to be handled on vinyl by the independent label Sub Pop, based in the band's home town of Seattle, Washington.

There are currently no plans to perform the same remastering and re-release of In Utero - the third and final studio album.

The senior vice president of Universal Music Publishing Group, the founder of ORG, Monti Olson described the re-release of "Unplugged" as "to our knowledge… the first time [this] has ever come out on vinyl".

"They might have done a limited promotional thing but I doubt it," he added.

Nirvana shot to fame in the early 1990s courtesy of their single Smells Like Teen Spirit, from the Nevermind album, which remains an anthem for teenage angst across the world to this day.

However, Cobain, who was a known drug user, struggled to deal with his personal fame and eventually turned a shotgun on himself in a small flat near his parents' old home in Seattle on April 8th 1994.

21/03/2009 10:36:28