The baby who appeared on the cover of Nirvana's landmark NEVERMIND album is back in the news - and on the cover of another CD.

SPENCER ELDEN was just months old when he appeared on the cover of Nevermind in the early 1990s.

Now 12, the youngster is continuing to make a name for himself in rock by appearing on Skinny Puppy singer's CEVIN (corr) KEY's new album, THE DRAGON EXPERIENCE.

The album's title and cover art reportedly reflect a dream Key had 30 years ago, when he was eleven: he found himself surrounded by "3-D dragons" and envisioned the sound of his future work.

Key's search for a young boy to help recreate the dream led him to Spencer Elden.

He says, "My girlfriend was his babysitter and she shot the cover picture."

Elden admits he was thrilled to be part of Key's album shoot and now hangs the cover art poster next to the framed platinum copy of Nevermind in his bedroom.

21/08/2003 02:19