FOO FIGHTERS star DAVE GROHL started mourning former Nirvana bandmate KURT COBAIN's death days before the rock icon took his own life in 1994 - because he thought he was already dead.

The former Nirvana drummer heard Cobain had died in Rome, Italy of a fatal overdose days before the ALL APOLOGIES singer shot himself at his home in Seattle, Washington.

Grohl tells Rolling Stone magazine, "They called and said he'd passed out in Rome, and I f**king freaked out. I just lost my mind and started wailing.

"Twenty minutes later someone called me and said, 'Actually, no, he's not dead, he's awake.' How weird. That could have been the happiest moment of my life.

"When he came home, I talked to him on the phone. We tried to avoid the subject - we were talking about buying mini-bikes or something, and I told him, 'Look man, I was really scared.'

"He said, 'I know. I'm really sorry. It was just an accident.' I was trying to reach out to him and tell him that I really cared about him, but it wasn't enough."

19/07/2005 02:49