Former Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl has picked up his sticks again to play on the forthcoming Garbage album.

The Foo Fighters frontman's drumming left Garbage singer Shirley Manson particularly impressed, calling his performance "f***ing awe-inspiring".

Manson says, "Dave Grohl, or MR FANTASTIC as our producer has taken to calling him, came by the studio and hammered some drums down and the result is f***ing awe-inspiring.

"I am finally having so much fun making this record. It feels like how you imagine making records would be. Exciting and creative and joyous."

Recording in Los Angeles also gave Grohl the chance to catch up with full-time Garbage drummer BUTCH VIG, who produced Nirvana's breakthrough NEVERMIND album.

Vig writes, "Just had Dave Grohl in to play drums on BAD BOYFRIEND and it's absolutely slamming."

Grohl last played drums on Queens Of The Stone Age's 2002 album SONGS FOR THE DEAF.

13/02/2004 19:15