Troubled rocker COURTNEY LOVE should be sent into prison or a rehabilitation centre to save her from an untimely death, according to a top Los Angeles psychiatrist.

Beverly Hills-based CAROLE LEIBERMAN has been watching the shocking recent antics of the former Hole frontwoman, and now fears her alleged drug use has sent her "out of control".

And Leiberman believes that if Courtney continues down the path she's on, her 11-year-old daughter FRANCES BEAN - whose father is late Nirvana frontman KURT COBAIN - could be left an orphan.

Leiberman says, "She's so out of control, it seems that only a judge putting her in jail or in rehab will stop the cycle of abuse. It may well save her life."

Love astonished fans in New York this week (ends19MAR04) by baring her breasts to chat show host David Letterman, flashing fans while waiting for a burger, and then being arrested for allegedly hitting a audience member on his head with her microphone stand during a short gig.

However, 39-year-old Courtney insists she is innocent of the latest charges relating to the incident at New York's PLAID nightspot. As she emerged from her home in Manhattan last night (18MAR04), she told reporters, "I'm terrified. Who knows what they're going to arrest me for tonight?"

Love is facing two drug felony in Los Angeles relating to an incident at ex-boyfriend JIM BARBER's home last October (03) - the trial was recently delayed for the third time.

19/03/2004 13:26