Israeli director Nir Bergman has won the top prize at the Tokyo International Film Festival for the second time with his film Intimate Grammar , based on Book of Intimate Grammar , by Israeli novelist David Grossman. Bergman previously won the $50,000 Sakura Grand Prix in 2002 for his first feature, Broken Wings. Irish director Neil Jordan headed the competition jury. The film, a downbeat story of an Israeli boy growing up -- or refusing to grow up -- in Israel in the 1960s, did not garner much acclaim from trade critics. The Hollywood Reporter predicted that the market for it "won't extend much beyond the festival circuit, particularly niche festivals with a Jewish focus." Similarly, Daily Variety noted that although it also won the top award at this year's Jerusalem Film Festival, "it will likely take higher-profile awards recognition to help this poignant but downbeat drama break out of the fest circuit and Jewish-interest events."