Jazz and blues legend Nina Simone's daughter has filed a $155 million (£96.88 million) suit against the icon's ex-husband, accusing him of "fraudulently" selling off the late singer's personal items and master recordings.
The star's daughter and estate administrator, Lisa Simone Kelly, has been embroiled in a court battle with Andrew B. Stroud, Simone's husband from 1961 to 1971, for the past three years over allegations he is keeping various memorabilia items from her.
Kelly alleges she is the rightful owner of the goods.
She also claims her stepfather has been transferring ownership of numerous items, including diaries, letters and photos to an associate free of charge in a bid to protect the collectables from being lost to the Simone estate in the ongoing legal struggle - an action she has deemed "fraudulent".
Simone's daughter filed new papers in the U.S. District Court in Northern California on Friday (02Dec11), asking a judge to intervene in the alleged dealings.
The filing, obtained by TheWrap.com, reads: "This sudden 'disposal' of property comes on the heels of an ongoing shell game manipulated by Stroud in order to move these assets - presumably his most valuable asset - first between and among himself and his various shell companies, and now to a third party: Roker."
Kelly has named both Stroud and associate Wally Roker as defendants in her suit. She is seeking damages plus compensation for legal costs and attorneys' fees.
Simone died in 2003, aged 70.