Nina Nesbitt says her ex-boyfriends should expect to have songs written about them.

The 'Selfies' singer writes her music based on her own life experiences and says her lyrics are often inspired by failed romances.

Nina always tells her exes about the tracks and plays them the songs, and she claims it's just part of the package if you date a songwriter.

When asked if she pens songs about guys she has dated, she said: ''Yeah there's a couple. I've played the songs to the people they're about and they're cool with it, so I think that's fine. I think if you're friends with a singer/songwriter or you're going out with one it's kind of expected. But it's not too bad!''

Nina releases her debut album 'Peroxide' on February 17 and admits the majority of the tracks on the LP are about her former boyfriends.

Although she is proud of the whole record, 'The Hardest Part' is the song the 19-year-old Scottish songstress is most proud of.

Nina - whose latest single 'Selfies' is out now - told BANG Showbiz: ''There's a quite a few songs about boyfriends, basically the majority of them! I like to write about my own experiences. Most of the songs on the album, about 90 percent of them are straight up my experiences. Other ones are half-and-half, where it's somebody's else's experience I've written about and then included mine as well.

'''The Hardest Part' is definitely my favourite, it's the last track on the album and it's a very personal one to me. I like 'Tough Luck' as well.

''I think 'The Hardest Part' sums up the album really. It's quite a sad one, it's about timing in a relationship where you want to be with this person but it's just not the right time and then you don't know if it ever will be. It's pretty depressing, but it's my most honest song and it seems to get the best reaction live.''