Nina Dobrev only uses organic beauty products.

The model and actress sticks to natural sources to keep her skin flawless and always makes sure to remove make-up at the end of the day in order for her skin to ''breathe''.

She said: ''I honestly believe it's important not to put chemicals in your body and keep it as pure as possible. You really need to take off your make-up, and let your skin breathe sometimes.''

Nina, 24, is so adamant about having a fresh-looking complexion that she never travels without one particular favourite of hers to ensure she remains looking revived during her trips.

She added: ''I always have makeup wipes and moisturiser when I fly. I take all my make-up off and lather on Origins GinZing moisturiser. It actually revives your face within seconds. I can't even describe it.''

The stunning brunette also took the time to reveal her personal favourite red carpet look, her luxurious Donna Karan gown from when she attend the Emmy Awards in 2011.

Nina feels the outfit was so iconic that she avoid wearing the same colour to any other events as to not match the moment.

She said: ''Since then I haven't been able to wear much red because I don't want to compete with it.''