Ian Somehalder wishes he could seduce women more ''easily.''

The 'Vampire Diaries' star, 35, admits he struggles to flirt with people of the opposite sex and believes his life would be a whole lot better if he could entice ladies with a bit of charm.

When asked what skill he wishes he had, he replied: ''Seducing women so easily. If it were that easy, life would be so much simpler.''

Meanwhile, the hunky star - who is reportedly dating Nikki Reed - believes he can tell straight away if he's in to someone as his heart starts to flutter and his body is taken over my a bizarre ''electrical feeling.''

He explained: ''You know when you stand next to someone and there's an electrical feeling [that's when you know you're into someone]. You feel that connection and your heart beats fast.''

Ian - who dated his co-star Nina Dobrev for three years until they called off their romance in May 2013 - claims good company and a bottle of wine can help him get over heartbreak a lot quicker.

He told Women's Health magazine: ''There are a million ways to get over it [a break-up]. You have wine, you have exercise, you have meditation, and you have friends. Friends can be your meditation and so can Pinot.''