Nile Rodgers is too shy of Rihanna to ask for a collaboration.

The Chic legend has worked with the biggest stars in the music business - from the late Prince and David Bowie to Duran Duran and Pharrell Williams - but he's yet to pluck up the courage to invite the 'Wild Thoughts' singer to his studio because every time he tries he freaks out and goes into ''fanboy'' mode.

Speaking to the Metro newspaper, the 'Le Freak' hitmaker spilled: ''I adore Rihanna. I am a super fanboy.

''When I'm around Rihanna I almost can't move.

''She'll be sitting down and I'll want to go over, 'Yo, Ri!'

''At least four times I've been in the room right next to her and I didn't even turn around.''

The 65-year-old producer is proud of the fact he's always supported women with many of the members of his band having always been female since 1976, something he says has made sure he is one step ahead of the game.

Speaking about his involvement in the socialist organisation, Black Panthers, which was founded by Bobby Seale and Huey Newton in October 1966, Nile said: ''Im an old hippie revolutionary.

''I used to be part of the Black Panthers. I grew up with the women's movement, the gay movement, the black liberation movement, it's the way I've been socialised in life.

''If you've ever seen a picture of my band Chic when we first started, there were more women in the band than guys.''

Meanwhile, Nile recently confirmed the new Chic album is due for release ''within the next few months''.

They were supposed to release 'It's About Time' in 2015, but after a string of delays - including the death of Nile's friend and collaborator Bowie in 2016 - the iconic star has announced the record will finally be ready for release this year.

It will be the first new music from the group since 1992's 'Chic-ism' LP.