Guitarist Nile Rodgers relied on strategies he learned in rehab to cope with his prostate cancer diagnosis in 2010.

The Chic star knew he had to stay positive if he wanted to beat the disease so he relied on skills he picked up at a treatment centre for drug addiction during the 1990s to keep his mind focused on his recovery.

He tells BBC News, "The way they taught me how to deal with my (drug) cravings was to teach me that if there's something that's a bit beyond my control, the only thing I can control is my way of thinking. They called it 'acting as if', where you act as if everything is together and everything will be together for a while.

"You act as if you're not sick, or you don't want to do coke (cocaine), you act as if you don't want to get drunk. You're smart enough to know you shouldn't, so you just reason through it. So (when I got the news I had cancer) I acted as if I hadn't heard it and then (later) I said, 'Ok let's hear it.'"