Oliver Heldens is ''excited'' about working with Nile Rodgers.

The 21-year-old DJ has spent years being ''inspired'' by the disco era so to team up with the Chic frontman on a new track is a dream come true.

He said: ''Number one on my list is Nile Rodgers and we are actually working on something and he is a real legend in music in general but especially in disco and I've been really inspired by disco for two years so I'm really excited about working with him.''

But it isn't only his track with Nile that has got Oliver excited.

He continued to BANG Showbiz: ''Actually I feel more inspired now than a few years before when I made 'Gecko' and 'Koala' and now there's loads of different stuff coming. There's my alias Hi-Lo and I'm really excited.

''I have a collaboration with Chocolate Puma coming up. For me they're house legends and big examples. Actually together I think they are one hundred years old.''

Despite his young age, Oliver insists it has never been a disadvantage because people often assume he is older than he really is.

He said: ''My music sounds very mature and also a lot of people didn't believe that they guy who made 'Gecko' was actually an 18 year old. But then when I met all these DJs they would always be like 'oh you act older or look older', that's because of the beard.

''When I was 17, I got signed to Spinnin' records but before that I was already approached by other record labels but with Spinnin' we made a deal and a year later I made 'Gecko' and then Tiesto wanted to sign it, but I was already discovered before 'Gecko'.''