The Chic star was with the singer two days before he was found dead and he was waiting to confirm another get together when he received the terrible news.

Rodgers tells Press Association he had remixed one of Michael's songs and wanted him to hear it.

"I had come over to remix one of his songs, and while I was here working on the remix I was also doing a Chic concert that night," he recalls. "But then George Michael was doing a film, because he was planning a big comeback.

"They had me come over to his house to shoot the film, and I still hadn't played the demo yet because I thought it was so cool and fairly drastic, I wanted to just play it for him first.

"So I get a message from him (Michael), a text: 'So Nile lets talk tomorrow'."

Nile was still waiting on Christmas morning, adding, "Instead of getting a text I get an alert: 'George Michael found dead'... It was heartbreaking and he never got a chance to hear what I did, so now I'm ambivalent about the work because I wanted him to hear it, not the record company necessarily. Not that I have anything against them, it's just he was such a genius and he created and produced his own work."