Nile Rodgers' biggest regret is never working with Miles Davis.

The Chic guitarist has revealed the legendary trumpeter, who was his close friend, asked him on numerous occasions to write him a hit record like Chic's 'Good Times' but he misunderstood his request and so the collaboration never happened.

Nile - who has collaborated on songs with a multitude of artists, including David Bowie, Madonna and most recently Daft Punk on 'Get Lucky' - exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ''The thing that I lament most in my life is that Miles Davis wanted me to write a hit record for him, but he was Miles Davis, so he didn't just call me and say Nile, 'Will you write me a hit record?' He went, 'Nile write me a mother-f***ing 'Good Times'.' I didn't know that's what he really meant. I was embarrassed because we were good friends and I knew he had a wicked sense of humour, so I thought he wanted me to write a cool song, so I kept writing these jazz fusion songs and every time I turned one of them in, he'd say, Man I can write that. I want you to write me a mother-f***ing 'Good Times'.''

Nile, 60, only realised what the jazz musician really meant after he died in 1991 aged 65, and he wishes he could have provided him with the hit single Miles wanted.

The 'Le Freak' songwriter explained: ''It was only after he passed away, and I looked at his current body of work I could see that he was chasing this funky pop thing because we all love to be on the top of the charts. I don't care what anyone says musicians don't make records to be obscure, if that's the case don't record it, just sit at home and play your music to yourself ... I feel terrible that I couldn't hear him because most times when artists of that calibre speak to me in abstract ways, I understand them completely. But I didn't understand Miles' coded language.''

Musical mastermind Nile met Miles on a fashion shoot for Issey Miyake and the pair became close friends, something the guitarist cherishes because he grew up idolising the musician.

Nile - who is following up his acclaimed Glastonbury festival set

with an appearance at Barclaycard Presents British Summer Time Hyde Park ( on July 14 along with Lionel Richie and Jennifer Lopez - said: ''Miles' reputation was infamous. Everybody knew about Miles being really harsh and cruel and cold and saying horrible things but in my company he was always funny and witty and charming. We had a blast.''