Nile Rodgers refuses to play his chart-topping collaboration with Daft Punk at his live shows.

The Chic guitarist teamed up with the French electro duo to record a number of tracks for their latest album, Random Access Memories, including popular single Get Lucky, which became a number one hit around the world on its release in April (13).

However, Rodgers is adamant he won't sing the track onstage unless he is performing with Daft Punk.

He tells Britain's Daily Star, "I won't play it in my Chic shows this summer. To me we created magic. Right now this is fresh and to me the magic is playing it together. To perform it without them would feel a bit weird to me."

Asked whether he would consider touring with Daft Punk, he adds, "That's for the future, but if they want to plan something I would definitely listen. I love those dudes."