Nile Rodgers refused to produce a disco song for Aretha Franklin.

The Chic star has revealed he was asked to work on the late soul legend's 1979 song 'Only Star' from her LP 'La Diva', but he told the 'R.E.S.P.E.C.T' hitmaker to her face, he didn't want the job because he wouldn't want to be known as ''the guy who wrote Aretha Franklin's disco hit''.

He recalled to MOJO magazine: ''We only had one meeting but she wanted to write the songs.

''And she played this song 'I'm Gonna Be The Only Star Tonight Down At The Disco'[late recorded as 'Only Star'], because for some reason somebody had convinced Aretha Franklin that disco was so happening she had to do a disco record.

''And I told her, point blank, 'There's no way I'm going down in history as the guy who wrote Aretha Franklin's disco hit', at least not that one.

''She had written it and the guy who did The Hustle, Van McCoy, a terrific arranger, he did the album [1979's 'La Diva' with co-producer Charlie Kipps].

''I couldn't believe he did it. It's just not a good song ...''

Rodgers was right to do so, as the track and the disco-orientated album ended up being a commercial flop.

The 'Get Lucky' hitmaker didn however get to hear The Queen of Soul - who passed away earlier this month, aged 76, after a battle with pancreatic cancer - perform the song in the studio, and though he disliked the track itself, he said it was the most ''beautiful'' experience of his life hearing her sing like an ''angel.

He continued: ''[but] I gotta tell you, that one meeting with her I don't think I ever experienced anythig so beautiful in my life.

''Just sitting next to Aretha Franklin at the piano and have her sing.

''As much as I hated the song, it sounded like an angel was singing in my ear.''

After hearing the sad news of Aretha's death, Nile tweeted: ''I just finished interviews in Berlin, and was informed the mighty @ArethaFranklin has passed. RIPArethaFranklin #Queen of Soul (sic)''