Funk legend Nile Rodgers cheated death while giving a speech at an art show in Scotland last month (Jun13) when a heavy painting fell from the ceiling and missed him by inches.

The Chic star headed to Edinburgh to speak at the unveiling of his collaboration with neo-pop artist Jean Pierre Muller at the Summerhall venue, where he experienced a close call on stage.

He tells Britain's Daily Record, "I was almost killed on stage. I am involved in the art project 7x7 and while I was giving my speech on the project, one of the props came down. It was a very heavy piece of art... that was being dangled from the ceiling of the theatre about 20 foot high.

"It weighed about 70 to 80 pounds and it would have been like a guillotine. It missed my face by two to three inches because it brushed past the front of my nose. Had it been two or three inches back it could have cut down into the front of my skull... It was terrifying but it happened in an instant, about a millisecond so that by the time it happened the potential tragedy had passed. I was like, 'Wow, how many lives do I have?'"

The 7x7 Project is a collaboration between Muller and seven musicians, including Robert Wyatt and Terry Riley, culminating in the production of seven unique pieces of artwork.