Nile Rodgers thinks drugs may have helped his career.

The Chic disco legend and super-producer regrets having taken mind-altering substances in his past but says it made working with superstars likes David Bowie and Diana Ross less intimidating.

He mused: ''Maybe I needed [the drugs] to give me the courage to go into a studio and tell Diana Ross who's the boss. Who's to say? But I'm more active now than I ever was with drugs.

''I've learned to embrace the fear a little bit. What's the worst that can happen - do a bad show? You learn to live through them.''

Nile, 60, has most recently teamed up with dance uo Daft Punk, but never anticipated how successful their huge track 'Get Lucky' would be.

He told the Daily Mirror newspaper: ''It felt really good when we were doing it, but I never ever predict hits. That's why I try to have the best time when I'm making a record because it may never get any better than that.

''I'd like to be able to say it feels like time for a celebration now, but I'm really just so thrilled for Daft Punk.''

The guitarist credits his diagnosis with prostate cancer in October 2010 and amazing recovery with giving him a new lease of musical life.

He said: ''It was the most horrible thing, next to Bernard's [Edwards, his Chic partner] death ... I have an awareness of the fact that my life can change in a split second.''